About the Artist


Meet Erin McDonald

Painting for me is like music.
It is universal. It is not bound by language.
When I am painting, I feel the most connected to the energy with which I was created, and that is what draws me to it time and time again.
The world disappears, and I am centered for brief spells of time.
Like in life, where we all struggle with choices, the process of painting allows me to connect with that privilege and view the results immediately, as well as practice the ability to always make changes.
The unexpected delights and sometimes disasters that occur during this experience are provocative and motivating.
Each stroke is a lesson. I utilize a hybrid of techniques and mediums, and my style could be characterized as abstract expressionism.
The relationship between myself, the paint, and the canvas is a triangle much like my experience of life, myself, the world, and the universe.
My paintings are rich with many different influences. Like most artists, I too see my daily life in terms of “that would make a great painting.”

Erin McDonald